Spooltech was approached by a leading coiled tubing provider in relations to a project in Azerbaijan with two 2 ⅜” coiled tubing strings. During operation one of the two strings was damaged leaving an oilfield services organization with only one operational string and without a backup. The damaged string left the project in limbo and this issue could have potentially put the operation on hold for several months, costing millions of dollars in lost productivity and increased downtime.  

For the job to be completed, a backup order of two 2” OD, 20,000-foot concentric strings were necessary for immediate use. These strings would be used as their emergency plan, and they were hoping to not have to use them. Due to the urgent nature, the strings would have to be shipped and freighted by air using custom-designed coiled laydown pallets and spools because the spools were too tall to be put into the Antonov.

Together, the coiled tubing provider, Spooltech, and the airline, worked to determine an immediate solution for the two concentric strings, laydown pallets and spools to be custom designed, manufactured and assembled. They also had to guarantee that the strings were shipped safely and met all necessary guidelines.

Spooltech, with IMCS, developed the design for the lay-down pallets; they engineered and manufactured each one, so that the spools would have the functionality to lay down. These spool lay-down pallets had to be carefully designed and constructed so that each would meet the stringent requirements of the takeoff and landing g-forces needed for air-transport. Spooltech provided two metal lay-down pallets, each approximately 14 feet high and 20 feet long for the spools to be transported in.

Detailed research was required to locate an airplane that could handle the products size and combined weight of 180,000 lbs. A large Antonov An-124 Ruslan airplane was chosen to transfer the shipment, it took four hours to load and secure the coiled tubing and spools, plus a final quality inspection before the plane headed to Azerbaijan. To reduce movement, custom lay-down pallets with 36 tie downs were built, and installed on the spool.

Thankfully for the oilfield services company, these strings were not needed. However, if the new strings were needed for operations they would have saved approximately seven days of rig time and $2.5 million while trying to recover the well production of 11,000 bbl/day. During the time of this order oil was $100/bbl, this would have also saved another $7.7 million per the seven days of downtime.

Spooltech manages the entire fabrication process, from concept, to engineering and design, providing a comprehensive approach that guarantees a custom curated solution to meet even the most stringent requirements. Satisfied with the finished result, they look forward too many more years of collaboration between each of the entities involved.