Repairs, Overlays, & Inlays

Field technicians on call 24/7 respond to your needs
at your job sites for product assembly, welding modifications, repairs and customization.

Repair, Overlay and Inlay Specifications

Spooltech’s team of experts perform repairs, overlays and inlays through an automated welding process that allows your process equipment to be returned to service on time without sacrificing safety and quality. By using automated weld systems, the weld overlay application results in exceptional weld quality including:

  • Permanent, maintenance-free repair to extend the life of your equipment
  • Minimal base metal penetration
  • Consistent weld deposits using controlled weld parameters with the ability to weld to thin base metals
  • Complete weld fusion with the base metal
  • Excellent surface profile

Spooltech’s automated weld overlays provide a permanent solution with corrosion resistance and/or base metal restoration. Spooltech’s team of experts are experienced with various weld wire alloys used in weld overlays and base metal restoration including stainless steel, carbon steel, and nickel-based alloys among others.  

Using advanced welding technology, Spooltech’s specially designed automated weld overlay systems are designed to restore and protect critical industrial and processing equipment, delivering superior quality and highly efficient production demanded for critical field and shop-applied weld overlay projects.


Repair, Overlay, and Inlay Quality Standards

Spooltech’s Automated Weld System for repairing, overlays and inlays provide a superior product for your next welding project with these quality standards:

  • Low Penetration: Arc penetration is minimal.
  • High Productivity: Ability to deposit large areas of protective overlays in minimal time frames.
  • Low Heat Input: Weld torch travels at a high rate of speed along the welding surface, resulting a reduction of heat input into the base material.
  • Dilution: Automated vessel overlay process produces weld deposits with 8 to 10% dilution.  
  • Full Fusion: Application of a fully fused weld deposit to a base metal results in a superior, long lasting product.
  • Consistent and Controlled Welding Parameters: Spooltech continues to invest in the latest proven technologies to maintain a commitment to advancing weld overlay technology.
  • Weld Quality: Expertise that allows for the highest quality and process controls.

Spooltech’s team of experts will professionally implement your design regardless of scale or scope. Contact the experts at Spooltech today to get your project started!

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