We offer a wide variety of transport cradles, antiroll-blocks, and intricate locking frames that fit into drop-in-drum rigs. Slings, chains, binders and spreader bars are also available.


Customers in need of a wide variety of transport cradles, anti-roll blocks, and intricate locking frames that fit into drop-in-drums have depended on Spooltech for years. Rigging, slings, chains, binders and spreader bars can be provided by Spooltech to meet customer's heavy transportation and shipping needs.


Cradle Specifications  

Spooltech manufactures cradles for supporting and securing product during shipment. Regardless of the size or weight of your product, a custom cradle can be designed by the experts at Spooltech to ship your products more securely.

Cradles are fabricated in different metals including aluminum, steel, stainless steel & corrugated steel. Cradles can be custom designed and engineered for any kind of shipping needs including:

  • Wood Shipping Pallets
  • Roll Support Cradles
  • Shipping Saddles for Tanks and Vessels
  • Spool Chalks

Cradle Quality Standards

Spooltech delivers high-quality, tested, and certified cradles for customers throughout the world, using the highest quality standards. Spooltech customers benefit from the solutions realized in satisfying the quality requirements from a constantly expanding global customer base. Spooltech’s investments in engineering and production capabilities provide customers with the highest-quality cradles that meet or exceed weld specifications, quality assurance guidelines, and load-bearing tests. Whether you are loading onto a ship, truck, or train Spooltech can handle all of your cradle needs.