Wood Spools

Wooden spools ranging from 6' to 14' feet in diameter capable
of supporting up to 40,000 lbs. of coiled tubing, cable, or other coiled materials.

Wood Spools

Spooltech builds a wide range of spools for the coil tubing industry, ranging from six feet to eighteen feet in diameter, and capable of supporting a few hundred pounds up to forty thousand pounds of coiled tubing, cable or other coiled materials.

Wooden spools are assembled with two inch stock material in a two or three ply configuration, built to handle the specific load demands of the customer. Spooltech's wood spools have a heat treat certification program, quality inspection program and documentation that is accepted throughout the world.


Wood Spool Specifications

Experienced Spooltech personnel are capable of manufacturing spools to meet all types of weight requirements. Metal rims are available to increase the spool strength and protect the spool and coiled tubing during transportation and shipping.

Innovative and creative spool design and engineering provide the widest range of steel and wood spool products available in the spool industry.

Wood Spool Quality Standards

Throughout the manufacturing process of each wood spool, each piece produced is rigorously inspected for quality and accuracy. All spools are tested to assure they meet the rigid test specifications and customer requirements. Customers receive only the highest quality wood spools produced.

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